Submit your Final Video – Monday June 6 10am

Please follow these instructions carefully when uploading your files. This is a HARD DEADLINE, so you need to leave yourself EXTRA TIME to deal with any last-minute technical or logistical issues. Incomplete or late entries will not be included in the final screening.

Upload your finalized video to the folder marked Mediaworks-1516 on the ROSEBUD server by Monday June 6, 10am. 

To connect to Rosebud, you must be ON CAMPUS. If you’re on Windows, follow these instructions, but type “rosebud” instead of orca/hurricane. On Mac, use these steps:

  1. Select Go > Connect to Server in Finder
  2. Type smb://rosebud in the box and click Connect (if you have trouble, try afp://rosebud)
  3. You will be prompted to log in using your Evergreen account
  4. You can then select Mediaworks-1516 and click OK
  5. Drag your video file into the server

Label your file as follows:


Use the following Presets:

In the MML or on another Mac, use ProRes.
On a PC, use H264 compression to make a 1920 x 1080 progressive file at 16Mbps or higher.
Example: YouTube 1080p HD preset.

Mediaworks Screening Program Information

Mediaworks Screening Program Information

You need to submit this information when you turn in your final video on Rosebud – by Monday 6/6 at 10am.

for installations, just type "installation"
Provide the exact link to your artist statement (beginning with http:// ). We'll be including these links in the program, and compiling them onto a single Mediaworks website that people can access for more information.
Please share any warnings for content or physical triggers that you'd like us to be aware of (graphically violent images, intense flashing or strobing effects, etc.). We don't plan to warn the audience about individual videos, but we may group them and warn for certain sections. You can leave this blank or type "None" if this doesn't apply to your video.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
If you wish, upload an image from your project for possible use in our website or DVD.
This will include the Mediaworks 15-16 archive page and may include the library's or photoland's student work showcase.
The proposed DVD would go to everyone in the class and to the library and/or other physical archives at Evergreen.
Such student work is sometimes used to promote Media Arts programs at Evergreen. It might appear on the official YouTube or be shown to future classes.