Other Student Artwork

You might wish to support your fellow students by viewing other culminating work!

Media Artists Studio Student Film Screening

COM Building Recital Hall, Tuesday June 7, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM 

MAS is a year-long studio program for advanced media students and this screening will include the 14 individually produced films that we have been working on in this program through the year. These works include documentaries, animations, experimental works, narrative films and more!

Object/Lessons Gallery Show – through June 3

Gallery Hours: M / Tu / Th / F 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Thinking Through Craft is an advanced year long academic program which incorporates a philosophical study of craft with a studio practice in either wood or metal. Members of this learning community came with a diverse range of experiences making, and developed skills in one material over the entire year. The program has culminated in Object/Lessons , an exhibition curated to illuminate our intellectual and creative exploration, and show our best work. In it, we explore craft through the lenses of Material, Process, Function, Mediation, and Agency.

India Davidson – Student Installation

The show focuses upon the place of sexual desire and its expression in an evolving society, who determines what is deemed “acceptable”, and how they do so. Further explored is the effect of this upon the queer experience, in conjunction with the cultural co-option, commodification of, and violence against the female gendered body.