Mediaworks Final Screenings

SCREENINGS 7-9pm in the COM Building Recital Hall
Wednesday, June 8 and Thursday, June 9
a different program each night!

(auditorium entry on second floor, for accessible entry go to room 107 on first floor)

open for viewing Wednesday and Thursday before and after the screenings, 6-7pm and 9-10pm
COM Building rooms 121, 332, 335

If you need an assistive listening device, please contact Ben Hargett at 867-6268 or the EM Help Desk at 867-6270 by 5pm on the day of the event.

What is Mediaworks?

Students in this full time, year long program have explored a wide range of media modes and communication strategies, from 16mm film to public access television, from silent cinema to video art, from documentary to remix. They have gained fluency in critical and creative methodologies including close reading and formal analysis; cultural, historical, and technological studies of commercial and alternative media production; and feminist, critical race, decolonial, and queer perspectives on representation and power. The independent video projects you see tonight, produced in just ten weeks during spring quarter, represent the culmination of their work this year. Although each student made an individual piece, they have collaborated closely and engaged in an intensive peer critique process, and this screening speaks to their collective accomplishment as well.

Mediaworks faculty and students would like to extend our deepest thanks to the Media Services and COM Building staff and the student Media Interns for their knowledgeable and generous support of our work throughout the year.

  • Mélanie Valera, Instructional Media Coordinator
  • Lin Crowley, Media Loan Operations Manager
  • Aaron Kruse, Multimedia Lab Manager
  • Dave Cramton, Video Producer
  • Kathryn Ford, Classroom Support Media Technician
  • Ben Hargett, Audio/Media Producer
  • Peter Randlette, Head of Electronic Media
  • Shannon Stewart, Performing and Media Arts Manager
  • Karen Johnson, Communications Building Coordinator
  • Matt Lawrence, Technical Director
  • Monique Anderson, Costume Shop Supervisor



Jacob David Earl Coffee With (X)
Kate McCue Rewriting The Storyline
Matt Damon McIntire Bipolar Episodes: HypoMANic to MANic
Jeremy Clarke Destined for the Stars
Indigo Washington This is me
Jasmine Hoff Decisions
Kaz McWilliam Who You Are Today
Nicole Kochman Thinking About Dogs
Madeline Weltchek cherry picking
Eva Kohlman Losing Touch
Connifer Leonora Candlewood Ghost
Ittika Frazier The Dry Well
Jonah Luteyn First In Flight
Celeste Pulido Garcia Untitled 1


Lindsay Vanderpool Who Wants to Be the Greatest Artist S7 E10: “Double Trouble”
Meridian Smith A Love Letter to the Fans of One Direction
Jordan Hamada Kawaii Tactics
Connor Quisenberry The Interrogation
Bryan Shickley Time Out: A Nerd’s Appreciation of Jim Henson
Chris Burns Justice Rangers: The Documentary
Danny Loose Mona’s Realness Exposed: Brought to You by Twisted Tea
Kirsten Riley Butterflies and Rainbows
Amelia Hanley Asexual Experiences
Allison Bleasdale Dance With Me
Rachel Snyderman The Space Between
Sidney Sekula Untitled
Zero M. Shields So Much in a Long Time
Breanne Carluccio Sunspot’s Battalion