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Week 6 Screening

YouTube playlist on video art (references Vertical Roll, which you watched for the Long Take workshop)

+ Joan Braderman’s “Joan Does Dynasty” – DVD on open reserve

screening journals:

  • Braderman
  • Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman
  • Global Groove (and other Nam June Paik excerpts)
  • Semiotics of the Kitchen

Week 5 Screening

Paper Tiger TV: Sampler (first 20 minutes)

Diva TV: Like a Prayer (first 15 minutes)

Decoupage: Episode 3 (see MetaFilter discussion)

Termite TV student projects: Section 2 / Fall 2007 videography, “I had the strangest dream” (DVD on CLOSED reserve)

Termite TV: Terror

other recommended episodes, optional to view on your own:

Excerpt from Everybody’s Channel (first 10 minutes, last 15 minutes).

Week 4 – Screening and Materials

Julie’s lecture slides


Our regular critical reading and writing workshop, facilitated by Breanne, offers additional time and guidance for seminar tickets and other writing assignments. If you attend, you are expected to have done the reading assigned for Tuesday and to bring a draft of your seminar ticket (or an upcoming essay). These sessions are Mondays 3-5pm, tomorrow through week 9 (except February 15, Presidents Day), in LIB 0412 (inside library, basement).

We are working on a second date (probably a Thursday) to teach optional proficiency sessions for the 16mm transfer station. Those of you who learned the equipment on Friday may want to schedule time to digitize your final film from last quarter! When you do this, PLEASE copy the file to Orca – to share with your group, your classmates, and as a backup. There’s a folder for this at Workspace > -Digitized 16mm Projects > Final Projects.


  • Dottie Gets Spanked (dir. Todd Haynes, 1993) [DVD on reserve; $1.99 on Amazon]
  • Ellen, “Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute” parts 1+2 (Season 5, 1998) [$1.99×2 on YouTube or Amaon]
  • The Muppet Show, Rita Moreno (Season 1, 1976) [haven’t found a good online source]
  • Dora the Explorer, “El Coqui” (Season 1, 2001) [$1.99 on YouTube or Amazon or free with Prime]

Since two of the assigned texts have the smallest print in the reader, we’re temporarily making them available as PDFs so you can zoom in if needed:

I also promised that I would share this optional article that I found too late for the syllabus – it relates most closely to week 5, but you may want to check it out while you’re thinking about public access TV:

William Merrin. 2012. “Still Fighting ‘the Beast’: Guerrilla Television and the Limits of YouTube.” Cultural Politics 8(1): 97-119

Week 3 – TV Screening (on your own)

UPDATE: Julie’s lecture slides

Please watch this YouTube playlist at home. You can write one Screening Journal sheet on the Burns & Allen episode and one on whatever strikes you in the other short videos.

You should also watch one television episode of your choice and write Screening Journal notes about it. You can include this selection in your seminar ticket.

I recommend that you also watch the classic I Love Lucy episode “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” (1952) but I couldn’t easily find it for free. It’s available on Hulu with a subscription (or free trial) or YouTube for $1.99. Make sure you pay attention to the commercials!

This playlist includes season 8, episode 1 “The General” of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1957) and the following short videos:

  • “Rethink TV” (1:00), a DirecTV Superbowl ad from 2005
  • “I’m Not Here to Make Friends ’09” (3:47) by richfofo, a reality TV supercut (sequel to the popular first edition in 2008)
  • Bert and Ernie: TV Repair (3:20) – Sesame Street (1974)
  • 2015 HBO trailer for Sesame Street (1:00)
  • “Sesame Street Special Report” with Robert MacNeil (3:42), from Sesame Street, Special (1988)
  • excerpts from news coverage of the JFK assassination, 1963 (8:11)
  • “JFK assassination: CBS News coverage as it happened” (3:32), CBS This Morning (2013)
  • Video: The New Wave opening section (7:33) – WGBH (1973)
  • “If Man Walked on the Moon Today” (2:00) – Slate Magazine (2009)
  • “DTV 411” PSA about the digital transition (2:02) – WRAL (2008)
  • “Dr. Horrible Intercepterizer” (3:07) – Emmy Awards (2009)

week 3 – Screening


Origins of the Motion Picture (1956)
no screening journal necessary

The Movies Begin DVDs
note: Evergreen’s copies are checked out currently, although we are trying to recall them. Naima’s personal set is on CLOSED reserve (cannot leave the library).

Disc 1

  • Series Photography
  • Edison shorts (1890s)
    • first three films
  • Lumiere shorts (1890s)
    • Promenade of Ostriches through Transformation in Hats
    • New York: Broadway
  • Actualities
    • Georgetown Loops
    • San Francisco: Aftermath
    • Airplane Flight and Wreck
  • “Blue” Movies
    • From Show Girl to Burlesque Queen

single combined screening journal

The Great Train Robbery (1903) – screening journal

Disc 3

Edison Company (all three films) – screening journal

Pathé Freres – screening journal

  • Par le Trou de Serrue (Peeping Tom)
  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • Golden Beetle (from Disc 1)

Disc 5

Onésime, Clock-Maker – screening journal


Laughing Gas (Edison, 1907) – screening journal

Frankenstein (Edison, 1910) – we had some extra time at the end so we watched this for fun, no screening journal necessary

week 2 – Screening and Lecture Notes

Here’s an update on screening materials for today – there were a few changes from the syllabus:

We had a special viewing of Avida Jackson’s “Civil Projections” (2015) on 16mm – this is unavailable to watch on your own, but if you want to re/watch you could speak to her about a command performance.

We did NOT watch Bruce Conner’s A MOVIE, but the DVD is on reserve (and you can also find it on YouTube) – it’s a very famous found footage piece and we encourage you to check it out on your own.

Here’s further information about counteragent’s “She Blinded Me with Science”:

Instead of “Alone, Life Wastes Andy Hardy” by Martin Arnold we watched “Passage à L’Acte” (1993) – these are on the same DVD.

Everything else was as listed!

Week 2 Lecture Slides – In Soviet Russia, Film Edit You