Stay hungry. Stay Foolish. ~ Steve Jobs

If you are reading this, you must be curious about my summer management course.  It is a fun, interactive course designed for students who either are, or plan to be, in the position of managing their own work groups, heading up large companies, starting businesses that change society, managing the world’s most important non-profits, or serving in government. I have been teaching this popular summer class off and on for more than 15 years and it usually has a good number of students, most, but not all, of whom are currently working managers. Others are people imagining what it would be like to become a manager. Still others are just looking for a good class. It’s a great place to spend time learning both the theory and skills of management, but to also engage in conversations about the real world.

The program will introduce basic language, concepts, tools, and problem-framing methodologies that are needed to develop management skills including: motivation, team-building, developing self-awareness, communication, leadership, decision-making, understanding power and influence, and solving problems creatively.

We will be using the Canvas virtual learning environment, Slack for our seminars, and e-mail. Attendance at one face-to-face meetings will be required: Monday, June 24 in Library 2610 5:30 to 9:15pm.  Requests for alternative orientation arrangements considered case by case.

A Welcome Video from Cynthia