NTS04- Designing Certificates (Embedded or Stand-alone) with Support!

NTS04- Designing Certificates (Embedded or Stand-alone) with Support!

2 days

Sue Feldman and Abir Biswas 

This summer institute is developed to support faculty and staff who have an idea for a certificate to complete the design process. No preparation is required except an idea for a certificate you would like to design and teach. We will help participants to determine if it is well-positioned as a (i) an embedded (in the curriculum) certificate that would be offered to students as part of the curriculum, towards an Evergreen undergraduate degree, OR (ii) a stand-alone certificate that would be in partnership with a partner organization, and which would be available to community members (or perhaps students enrolled at Evergreen) as they pursue credentials as a component of workforce development. During this workshop, participants can expect to complete a certificate design process including these: (i) letter of Intent, (ii) syllabi and schedule, (iii) assessment plans (of students completion AND the certificate itself), (iv) budget, (v) registration and records approval (incl. prerequisites), (vi) catalog description (vii) MOU (viii) marketing plan.


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