Climate, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship Lunchtime Series

Climate, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship Lunchtime Series

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change (CELTC) and the Center for Climate Action and Sustainability (CCAS) is hosting a lunchtime series d: Climate, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship. This five-session will be held simultaneously in-person and online in the Spring 2022 quarter. Join us to explore your options for learning in this space at Evergreen, alternative structures for sustainability in enterprises, sustainability and the cooperative ecosystem, green tech/green climate finance, and the solidarity economy. Lunch will be provided for in-person attendance, but space is limited and sign-up is required. Please sign up for each session here:

Session #1 (Friday, April 15th; 12PM-1PM PST): Climate, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship- Finding your way through Evergreen

Session #2 (Friday, April 29th; 12PM-1PM PST): Alternative business structures for sustainability- social enterprises, cooperatives, and beyond

Session #3 (Friday, May 13th; 12PM-1PM PST): Sustainability and The Cooperative Ecosystem

Session #4 (Friday, May 27th; 12PM-1PM PST): Rethinking Green Tech Entrepreneurship / Green Climate Finance

Session #5 (Friday, June 3rd; 12PM-1PM PST): Building a solidarity economy

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