Recast | A Guide to Writing Your Academic Statements

From: “Birks, Ariel” <>
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 10:50 AM

The Writing Center is proud to present

A Guide to Writing Your Academic Statements

Get the Academic Statement Guide
in print from the Evergreen Library
as a viewable or printable full-color .pdf
or as a black and white .docx (ideal for screenreaders)

Intended Use for Students

  • As a reference.  
  • As peer wisdom.  
    • This guide collects the wisdom of our student body who have taught our tutors what they need to know in order to feel confident in writing their Academic Statements. 
  • As an introduction.  
    • This guide is our contribution to the many students we meet who have never heard of the Academic Statement but are nevertheless required to write it. 

Fun facts about this guide 

  • Student-written!  
    • Written by undergraduate writing tutors over two summers, with supervision and contributions from the Writing Center admin. 
  • Student-designed! 
    • Designed by a student staff member in marketing, with supervision from graphic designer Kurt Lorenz. 
  • Comprehensive! Consultative! 
    • First time this information is in the same place.  
    • Our student writers interviewed Academic Advisors, investigated processes with Registration & Records, met with staff in First Peoples Multicultural Trans & Queer Support Services, and participated in the Transcript Review of 2018.  
    • Feedback incorporated from faculty and administration at our Summer Institute on the Academic Statement.  

We did not let perfect be the enemy of good. 

At the Writing Center, we are big believers in revision. Revising brings good things into greater clarity. But there are two amazing things about revision: 

1) You cannot revise unless you have a draft and  

2) You can revise endlessly  

Taking those two things in mind, this guide, the first of its kind, can be considered a draft to be revised in the future. We know there are errors and imperfections, but we take heart that it exists! We welcome our next opportunity to adjust this draft and invite you to celebrate this version with us. ?  Any suggestions for the second edition can be sent to me:  

Upcoming Workshops 

See the Writing Center’s Workshops and Events page for the dates for our upcoming Academic Statement Workshop, presented by the Writing Center and Academic Advising. More promotional material to come.  

Ariel Birks
Assistant Director, Writing Center


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