The Art of Living Consciously

The Evergreen State College

Week 5: Oct 26 – 29

This week we are focusing on the yama of Satya.  Please make a note in your journal sometime each day starting Thursday, 10/22, about how this yama is, or is not, impacting your life.  If you need to, carefully reread the following link to guide your process.  (Yama and Synthesis Paper Assignment).

Week 5 readings

  • Part 3: Carl G. Jung,Man and His Symbols (the chapter written by MariaLouise Von Franz)
  • Chapter 7, Asteya: Nonstealing, Yoga for a World Out of Balance (for Thursday)
  • SEMINAR TICKET PROMPT for Week 5 Monday:

    • This are only 60 pages of reading.  Take your time.  Try to read it twice.  As you are reading, make note of all the things you find interesting, important or insightful. 


      When you finish, generate 3 questions about what you have just read, and 3 statements that address key ideas in the chapter. You can use the following question and statement “starts” to help you select and frame your questions and statements.  You can use your own “start” phrases, too, of course.

      • Why….?
      • How would it be different if…?
      • What are the reasons…?
      • Suppose that….?
      • What if…?
      • What if we knew…?
      • What is the purpose of….?
      • What would change if…?
      • What Von Franz means by ….. is …..
      • The concept of ….. is related to …… in the following way(s)…..
      • The most important idea in this chapter is…..
      • If Von Franz is correct about …. it has the following implications…..
      • This chapter expands my understanding of …. which was in the first chapter.  I now understand it to mean….
      • My thinking about ….. has has changed in the following way since reading this chapter………

      Type up your three questions and three statements.  Bring all 6 of them to class on Monday.

      Bring two pieces of visual art that exemplify two ideas contained in Von Franz’s chapter.   Affix a quote from the chapter to each piece of art, in such a way that they can be displayed together.  Be prepared to describe how the pieces of art exemplify the ideas in the quotes that you have chosen.  That is, be ready to explain how the ideas in the text can be used to interpret the art.  The images you bring cannot be in a book, as we will be passing them around.  They have be two separate pieces of art, each with an attached quote from the chapter.   Your selected images cannot be copied from the Jung text (find new images). 
      A great source of images is the Sound and Image Library (SAIL), which is part of the Evergreen Library Special  Collections.  Ask for it at the Circulation Desk.


    MONDAY, Oct. 26  11 am – 1 pm

Student-led seminars in your assigned seminar rooms

  • Choose someone to facilitate the group or if you have pre-arranged seminar facilitators, have them lead your seminar.  Work for 100 minutes, using your seminar ticket (see above) to help you get started.
  • For the last 20 minutes of your two-hour seminar time, pair up with your “editor of first resort”, or whomever is available, and give feedback about the content and technical presentation that were used in your seminar tickets (The Seminar Ticket Prompt is written out at the top of this tab).
  • FOR THIS WEEK ONLY, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REWRITE YOUR SEM TICKET FOR TUESDAY (it would be a swell idea to rewrite it, but put the bulk of your energy into part 2 of the prompt, above).
  • Seminar Descriptions: Bill’s group email him and all members of your peer group your description of the seminar by 4PM.  Terry and Cynthia’s groups should bring their written descriptions to class on Tuesday morning.
    • Remember: In your writing about seminar, describe something that happened.  Keep your ego, with its feelings, judgments, reactions, etc., as firmly in check as possible.  Sketch, in words, a scene.  Your word choice, the structure of your sentences and the overall shape of the piece might reveal to you and your reader something that you did not know, before you approached this task, you knew. THIS IS NOT YOUR REVISED SEMINAR TICKET FOR TUESDAY

TUESDAY, Oct. 27

  • All-group meeting (noon-3:00) in COM 110
  • Seminar (3:00-5:00) in COM 308, 308B, 308E 
  • Due:   Bring your two images, each attached to its related quote, for seminar (see seminar prompt above for details).   Also bring one copy of your seminar ticket from  Monday.

(Synthesis Papers are now due on Thursdays)

WEDNESDAY, October 28 – 9:00 – 1:00 COM 110

  • Due: The writing assignment that was discussed in class last Wednesday.  Reminder: You wrote four things you have learned. That is, things you did not know before beginning this program that you, four weeks later, now, for sure, know.  You  then read those four things-you’ve-learned to two of your colleagues.  They looked at your reactions as you read them, and then they told you which one seemed to have the greatest psychological resonance for you, the one that your heart seemed closest to.  If that did not happen in class, find two people in your peer group who with whom you can  make it happen now, or at least before you have to start writing this assignment (which is due on Wednesday of week 5).  The assignment is: Write about that one thing you learned – the one your colleagues said appeared to mean the most to you.  What did you learn?  What provoked you to learn?  What did you do to learn it?  (How surprised were you?)  How do you know you learned something; that one thing?  Has it–knowing it, thinking about it, wondering about it–made any difference in what you pay attention to in readings? changed the kinds of things you read or pay attention to? caused you to find new friends? a new life purpose? 

    Write.  Edit.  Show it to your “editor of first choice.”  Discuss.  Revise.  Ask, “Am I serious?”  Revise.  

THURSDAY, October 29 – 10:00-1:00 CRC 116 – 117

DUE: Yama and Synthesis Paper Assignment

Students in Bill’s seminar: please email this synthesis paper, and all subsequent ones, to him at  Cynthia’s and Terry’s students bring it to class.

Read and bring with you :  pg. 104-113  AsteyaYoga for a World Out of Balance

WEAR LAYERED, LOOSE CLOTHING FOR MOVEMENT.  BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE. AND YOUR JOURNAL (and art supplies if you have them – pastels, colored pencils, markers, crayons etc.)