All-program retreat, Oct 12 – 14

Monday, Oct. 12  


To get on the bus you must be up-to-date on all your work which means: 

  1. Re-written seminar ticket from week 2
  2. Synthesis paper about week 1 
  3. Four questions for your research project
  4. Detailed description of Monday seminar week 2 (emailed to Bill and Terry, hard copy to CK)
  5. Medical History form AND Liability form

To turn in on Monday morning, 10/8:

  • Synthesis paper from week 2 learning:
    • This paper should describe at least TWO concepts/ideas/quotes from this week that worked TOGETHER to change your understanding of the world.  Describe what that change was and explore how, in combination, these concepts allowed you to come to a new level of meaning.
    •   This paper should also talk about what questions you are bringing into week 3 and the retreat.
  • Seminar ticket – typed- responding to the two bullet points following the quotation:

    From Solnit’s Wanderlust, p. 216

    The great German artist Joseph Beuys used to recite, as a maxim and manifesto, the phrase “Everyone an artist.”  I used to think he meant that he thought everyone should make art, but now I wonder if he wasn’t speaking to a more basic possibility: that everyone could become a participant rather than a member of the audience, that everyone could become a producer rather than a consumer of meaning (the same idea lies behind punk culture’s DIY—do it yourself—credo).  This is the highest ideal of democracy—that everyone can participate in making their own life and the life of the community—and the street is democracy’s greatest arena, the place where ordinary people can speak, unsegregated by walls, unmediated by those with more power….

                Public marches mingle the language of pilgrimage, in which one walks to demonstrate one’s commitment, with the strike’s picket line, in which one demonstrates the strength of one’s group and one’s persistence by pacing back and forth, and the festival , in which the boundaries between strangers recede. Walking becomes testifying….

    • The PROMPT: What is the one change you can make, before December 7, in your current habits and practices that will allow you to become more of a producer rather than a consumer of meaning?  Be specific, be honest with yourself and your reader, be generous in your description.  You might have to go for a walk to figure this out because, as the Latin saying goes, Solvitur ambulando, it is solved by walking around. Think big, not small.  Your typed response should include at least one quote (with a page number) which is from the text.  

    • Also include at least one concept, challenge, or question related to this change which you can take with you and address while going for a walk with a partner during our retreat.


  • Rebecca Solnit,Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Viking, 2000, ISBN: 9780140286014 (bring with  you to the retreat) – please have read for Monday
  • Chapter 5, Ahimsa: Nonviolence – Yoga for a World Out of Balance (Please also bring this to the retreat – we will talk about this Tuesday evening, so please read ahead)

Tuesday – Wednesday 10/13-14 on retreat at Fort Flagler

Thursday – 10/15 – NO CLASS

Please meet with your peer group at least once before or after the retreat.