Curator Pete Brook talks about the purpose behind Prison Obscura, a traveling exhibition made possible with support of the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities and Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College, Haverford, PA.

Prison Obscura opened at Evergreen Gallery this past Thursday to a packed house! Students, faculty, administrators, and community members came together to immerse themselves in this spectacular exhibition. Curator Pete Brook walked the audience through each body of work featured in Prison Obscura, pausing to answer questions and engage with the audience on the topics of mass incarceration, self-representation, and images as tools for activism and change.

Opening night-looking at images taken by incarcerated youth, facilitated by Steve Davis (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
Listening to talk by curator Pete Brook (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
"Supplication" -Kristen Wilkins (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
"Proliferation" - Paul Rucker (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
Gallery-goers watching "Take a Picture, Tell a Story"-Robert Gumpert (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
Gallery Director Ann Friedman with curator Pete Brook
"Take a Picture, Tell a Story" -Robert Gumpert (Photo by Ryan Richardson)
Curator Pete Brook speaks with Evergreen State College President George Bridges (Photo by Ryan Richardson)

If you missed out on the opening, don’t worry! You can still see Prison Obscura until March 2 at Evergreen Gallery.

Evergreen Gallery (located on the second floor of the Library, down the hallway to the right of the Library’s front entrance) is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10-5, and Wednesday from 1:30-5.