Oil Crayon Drawings by Claudia Muzychko

Oil Crayon Drawings by Claudia Muzychko is now hanging in the library. Claudia graduated with a BA in Environmental Science Resource Management and Global Environment from University of Washington and is now part of the MES program at Evergreen with her anticipated graduation being June 2019.

Claudia creates these drawings by hand using an organic oil and oil crayon base, avoiding solvents, sprays, and other chemicals in her work. In her statement, Claudia mentions her source inspiration and how she hopes to inspire. “As a student in the Masters of Environmental Studies graduate program at the Evergreen State College, I am merging interdisciplinary factors that support environmental preservation and human use of the world. Scenes in my artwork are everyday places we might pass by that call attention to connecting what exists around us to what exists within us. There is room for environmental preservation and restoration to happen everywhere, inspiring scenes and hopefully inspiring people to connect to a close-up side of nature.”

Claudia’s work can be found on the third floor of the library on the far wall to the right of the stairs.

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