Galerie Fotoland proudly presents Ken Tabbutt’s second exhibition of photography.





Star Trail, Mount Rainier National Park


Mt. Rainier, Olympia


Tabbutt has taught interdisciplinary geology programs and served as an administrator at The Evergreen State College for the past twenty-five years. His show Landscapes After Sunset is a series of 15 images taken during his travels as a geologist. After being inspired by the places his fieldwork would take him, and encouragement from the campus staff photographer, he enrolled in a photography workshop in 2012 to learn how to photograph the night sky, “using light from sources other than the sun to illuminate the landscape”. Though his focus is with the minerals, rocks, and soils of the earth, he quickly adapted to the way of the camera, learning how to capture the vivid colors of Milky Way. “Since then I have been working on developing my skills as a landscape and nightscape photographer.”


Ken received his bachelor degrees in biology and geology from Whitman College and a Master’s and Ph.D. from Dartmouth College.  He has studied the geology of regions throughout the world including the Pampean Ranges, Andes, Sulaiman Range, Southern Alps, Rocky Mountains, Alaska Range, Alps, Antarctica, Iceland, and the Canary Islands but has only recently become interested in capturing those landscapes through digital photography.



Ken’s work will be on display now through June 6 at Galerie Fotoland,

Daniels J. Evans Library Lobby 1st Floor (outside Photoland)

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW

Olympia WA 98505



For additional information, contact Mariela Diaz

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