This past summer, twenty-five incoming TRiO-eligible students were invited to participate in a week-long, 2-credit, residential orientation program. The Summer Institute provided a space for this group of students to share their gifts with our campus and each other, build community, and become more familiar with Evergreen.

 The photographs in this exhibit are the culmination of a week-long journey. Students completed a “Photo Voice Project”: each individual was asked to select a photograph taken by them, or that features them, as a visual representation of their personal journey to college. This project allowed students to speak out on deeper aspects of their lives that they may otherwise rarely share, look inward at their person journey, focus on their future goals, and build trust with each other. 


Student checks out TRiO's  photo voice project.
Student checks out TRiO’s photo voice project. Photo taken by Kaia Spiliotes Fornes.

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