Featured Gallery Artist: Anne de Marcken

“I am beyond grateful for the student- and staff-run organizations, offices, and groups that do the heavy lifting of equity, diversity, and sustainability. There is a lot of invisible labor involved in attempting to meet and deepen Evergreen’s commitments to its students.”


Anne de Marcken_Invisible Ink (detail)_2017

Anne de Marcken has been an Adjunct Faculty Member at Evergreen, since 2011. Her piece Invisible Ink is currently on display in Evergreen Gallery’s faculty/staff exhibition, Statements & Questions. Her work is about the effort to see one’s own privilege and to make one’s vulnerabilities seen. “The elements shown here are artifacts of a larger site-specific installation that endeavors to do better than this: to move beyond contemplation—beyond gallery walls—to real action.”

Anne graduated from Evergreen many years before returning to teach here. She came to Evergreen to study experimental media, which wasn’t an option in many liberal arts schools. She thinks it’s amazing to see all the resources that are offered for art students now, but even more great that students outside the arts have access to these resources as well. “I think interdisciplinary is the most important thing about Evergreen.”

Statements & Questions: Select Works of Faculty and Staff Of The Evergreen State College now showing until March 8th, 2017 in The Evergreen Gallery.


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