Joli Sandoz brings interdisciplinary experience and interests to Evergreen programs and courses. She teaches primarily in the humanities and social sciences – especially writing (creative and academic), public administration, and three multi-focal fields of inquiry: community, disability and game studies. Joli also occasionally facilitates classes in public health. Joli came to Evergreen in 1995 after teaching and coaching track and field at Fairmont State, Humboldt State, and Brandeis Universities. Her degrees are in English, recreation education, theological studies, and writing (creative nonfiction).

Joli has worked professionally outside of academia, taking on tasks ranging from policy analysis, program management, and community outreach in healthcare and public health settings, to management of a consulting practice providing research, writing and organizational development services to non-profits and government agencies. Among awards Joli has won are several for editing, technical writing and journalism. Her current research projects focus on two distinct topics: effective design and play of board games in knowledge-making in and out of classrooms, and hunting as a semiotic sign for the larger human engagement with quest.

Joli was accepted to attend Evergreen as a student, but life took her elsewhere first. She considers herself extremely fortunate to be at Evergreen now as a member of the faculty!