New to WordPress?

See our WordPress Tutorial customized for folks with new WordPress sites here at

How do I request a site?

Faculty may request a WordPress course site via the Academic Technologies resource in or by contacting Academic Computing.

How should I setup my site?

We’ve developed WordPress site templates to get you up and running quickly with your course site. Take a look at our template feature table and choose the one that’s right for your style of teaching

How is different from

  • sites.e.e is focused on supporting faculty work
  • new site templates speed up the development time for faculty with curated theme and plugin sets focused on supporting faculty work
  • sites.e.e is running over https:// (SSL) so that content can easily be linked to or embedded into other secure sites
  • sites.e.e supports mixed access to content: the site can be public but specific pages and media files can be restricted to students enrolled in the program
  • which will continue to host community blogs and student academic journals

Why a WordPress site?

  • A site that can grow with your teaching. Your WordPress site can be used across multiple years or courses. Build, refine, update, rinse and repeat.
  • Ease of use. WordPress is renowned as one of the easiest web authoring platforms to get started with. At the same time, a huge selection of additional functionality is available via plugins when you’re ready to take the next steps.
  • Build community beyond the confines of your classroom by opening up portions of your course website. Copyrighted materials and student discussion forums can still remain protected behind an Evergreen login.
  • WordPress sites look good. Theme selection and the ability to easily customize the look and feel of your site are is as good as it gets without having to hire a developer.
  • Mobile ready. Most newer themes are designed to be responsive and adjust to work well on any size device.

How Do I Add Protected Files, or Posts/Pages?

  • We’re using a combination of plugins to protect files and to make private pages or post visible to only your enrolled students. If your course was built using one of the site templates it’s ready to go out of the box for handling protected files and posts/pages.
  • See working with Protected Files for more detailed usage info.