This guide is intended to help Evergreen students understand the basics of the campus organization, and layout a pathway to make a change (be it policy, infrastructure, or services). This is a first attempt at creating a guide for incoming and returning TESC students to knowing Evergreen and how to navigate a college’s naturally occurring bureaucratic systems.

Later expansion will concisely delve into how to socially motivate and organize effectively with Evergreen peers (students, staff, faculty, etc.). For more on this topic, Student Activities can provide great starting insight and advice.

Overview of Content:
Seeing Evergreen – Organizations/Resources
Suggested Steps – A starting point
Others’ Advice – On dealing with college administrations
Future Content – Expansions for this document

More Information: DraftforStudentGuide (1)
Location: On Campus
Academic Quarters: 2016 Spring
Sustainability Fields: Community, Other
Associated Program/Group: ILC: A Study in Urban Planning at TESC Campus
Student’s Names: Michael Joseph
Associated Faculty/Staff: E.J. Zita
Contact E-mail:
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