The biological methane potentials (BMPs) of three different waste samples were
determined in order to determine the amount of methane that could be produced using these
waste streams in an anaerobic digester. The samples tested included cow manure from James
Road Dairy in Rochester, WA, chicken manure from The Armstrong­-Zita ranch in Tumwater,
WA, and a co­-digestion of 70% cow manure from James Road Dairy and 30% food waste from
The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, WA. Due to technological and experimental design errors, the data is not reliable and the paper advises on better experimental design for future experiments at TESC.

More Information: BMP2016
Location: On Campus
Academic Quarters: 2016 Winter
Sustainability Fields: Energy, Food, Research, Waste and Material Management
Associated Program/Group: Energy Systems & Climate Change
Student’s Names: Katherine Van Sice, Gabrielle Bourassa, Kiana Miller
Associated Faculty/Staff: E.J. Zita, Diane Nelsen, Scott Morgan

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