I want to take time to acknowledge how much whitewashing of Hollywood films is going on. Though it’s been going on for a while, there are a few recent developments that i find especially interesting. The first is of the rumoured new project of Christopher Nolan. It’s said to be a live action adaptation of the revolutionary anime film Akira, which sounds cool on the surface, will more than likely cast white english actors in all, if not, lead roles. This is stupid, so much of the integrity of the film relies on the Japanese heritage of the characters. I hope they at least don’t change the setting to like Neo-New York instead of Neo-Tokyo. Another big thing is the Ghost in the Shell film that is well into production now. This film is another adaptation of anime that takes place in Japan revolving around a special operations unit of the government. Today they just casted the first Japanese actor which really worries me. The main character Motoko Kusanagi is very Japanese and they casted Scarlett Johansson as her. What the hell.