February 14.

I’m exhausted.

February 16.

I’m exhausted.

But in a happier more comfortable way, I think. Hard to tell. I try my best to focus on the beauty and only the beauty. Nothing else matters.

A few of the things that I love about this world:

  • Women who sometimes spend their time doing beautiful unproductive things (braiding their hair, arranging flowers, buying birdseed)
  • Rain, Rain, Rain, and the millions of ways it can fall
  • The silence of snow
  • People with strange fascinations
  • Older generations with a tale to tell
  • MUSIC (what it can do for people, guitars, bands, beautiful musical souls who breathe and think and live musically)
  • Monks, sages, mystics
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, grocery shopping
  • Journals and sketchbooks and all the lessons you can learn from them
  • Sweet southern people who call you Sweetie and don’t talk about their shitty politics
  • The mysteries of the world (dreams, deja vu, nostalgia, afterlife, God, feelings and emotions, the reason behind it all)
  • Beautiful rare moments of infinity
  • Those moments (which can last for months at a time) when you feel like you’re living in a dream…. a.k.a. the strange interaction between Reality and Dreams
  • Moments of quiet reflection, in bed under the covers or outside under the stars