Observing the current scene.

There are three guitar cases stacked under my bed. They are all empty. The room has just been cleaned. Someone’s phone vibrates. I hear pants swishing in the hallway. I hear drawers closing and a can or a bottle falling on the floor. Roommate has her back turned. Her breathing is louder than usual. My annoyance threshold is lower than usual. Too many lights are on. She prefers it that way, therefore that’s what happens. My shoes match my dress. They’re both white and they both have holes.

Hazy Sunday… the uncertainty of reality…

Life is strange and confusing and absolutely wonderful. I can’t keep track of things. I feel unbalanced and scattered, but not in a bad way… in a very dreamy way. Almost like I’m floating. Through what? I’m not sure… but it’s beautiful and it’s serene. Reality is fluid, reality is nothing but a dream.