I wrote this last night out of the blue. I wrote it for my boyfriend but I might be able to expand and re-frame it for my project. Love is cool.



I have so many thoughts and feelings fluttering around like butterflies in my skull. Delicately dancing in my head, their wings tickle my brain in all the right places to transmit signals down to my stomach and back up through my heart then to the back of my throat. The words have yet to escape past my tongue, but I can tell you know what’s trying to break free. Most people wouldn’t quite catch on, but you see right through me with your x-ray vision. Or could it be you feel this way too? I’m anticipating the day I finally let it slip out behind a fit of giggles, I could sing it, I could scream it. It will probably escape quietly, like a secret, through nervously clenched teeth and taught jaws. Maybe between kisses in the middle of a hot summer night, I’ll tuck the message just behind your ear with gentle purpose… Not now. When it comes, you’ll feel it because it’ll be an unmistakably perfect time when it will mean something and come so strong it lasts a lifetime.