Today was pretty bland and, for lack of better word, frustrating. It started off with me waking up to realize it was 10:40 and the charger that i plugged my phone into the night before was unplugged resulting in the death of my battery leading to the failure of my alarm going off. So this wasn’t the end of the world and i get up to throw my clothes on and i become so lightheaded that i stumble and hit my head on my bedpost. Awesome. Just what i needed. I then go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, the combination of the lights being too bright and their terrible droning buzz coupled with my recent head trauma gave me the worst headache ever. As i went back to my room i felt like throwing up so i sat down in my chair and immediately fell back asleep. It was at this moment i remembered how i once heard you could die from falling asleep after a concussion. Waking up 10mins later i stood up and felt completely fine, but i just really didn’t want to go to class now because i was afraid that i would fall asleep again. If that were to happen there would be no point. So here i am i read the entire book for the week and didn’t eat anything all day. I did drink an entire thing of iced tea though.