As my project is coming to an end, I am having a lot of realizations about the filmmaking process. The biggest thing that strikes me is how important each small step is towards improving the overall quality of the film. Something may only take a few seconds (like setting the white balance), however it can have a dramatic effect on how the entire project turns out. A lot of these smaller steps are similar to those that a stills photographer must take, however there are far more steps in creating a film then there are in creating a still photograph. The is a complex contraption and each part must work. I also learned how important the practical side of filmmaking is. Films are extraordinarily practical things. There are a lot of logistical problems to face, as well as story problems (and some problems that belong to both categories!). The two biggest flaws I see in my film are it’s obvious—and fatal—story and continuity problems. There are scenes in my film where my hair suddenly grows and shortens with the flash of a frame on the screen. This film was a good learning experience, but it’s definitely not something I really want to show to that many people. On my next film I will spend much more time in pre production, and keep a book filled with continuity information.