In 1993 the first tower was bombed unsuccessfully in NY. The stage direction of the actors at play led the media to believe in an impenetrable morality and staved off that old cold war feeling of imminent domestic destruction.

For being so aware of the ways in which we were all put in our places at the institution of public school, who would ever imagine that after 9-11 we could all ever live out our imaginations as adults. We saw both the planes and the resulting falls. In our eight-year-old minds we envisioned King Kong and Independence Day fireworks. Remember the eleventh.

In a way we were entertaining ourselves with alternative possibilities as our grade school teachers were sobbing and taking phone calls. The president came on the news that day and stated the obvious, Britney Spears sang about American Pride, and there was footage of the falling man. Firefighters the saviors of that day rested peacefully under ashes and showering through the sun were half burnt financial documents and ashen Wall Street Journals.

Later we forgot why our cell phones are tapped right out of the factory.

It came to be that Fox’s stronghold on our minds became fastened to our chests like the booming heart beat of a “suicide bomber”. Propane tanks were rigged in Times Square and costumed Mickey Mouse never had a chance to save the kids; only thing that helped was the air dropped packages of Teddy Bears that parachuted from Oklahoma City.

In ’02 at the Peach March were barricaded freethinkers and schoolteachers blocking traffic with their bodies parallel to double yellow lines and steaming potholes.