The following is an idea for a feature length film I had.

The film centers on a young man who is the last person in existence. There was no apocalypse or war or plague. Everyone is just gone. He simply woke up one morning and realized no one was on earth anymore. He didn’t have any strong relationships or family so it wasn’t to big of  change for him. Or so he thinks, as time goes on in the film we watch his character go mad and become extremely lonely and even more depressed than before everyone disappeared. He begins to wonder if its all a dream. This causes him to feel like he needs to wake up and he tries everything to do so but nothing works so he turns to trying to hurt himself awake. He decides that falling will wake him up, as the sensation of doing so generally wakes him up. He goes to the largest building, which he recognizes as somehow familiar in the city and jumps from the top, however he lands on a car appearing dead and not waking up. Everything goes black. However he awakens from the top of the car and is faced with an animated character who takes him back home and nurses him back to health. The character becomes his best friend and it is implied that they he is possibly just a figment of his imagination. The man then starts seeing other animated characters. These imaginary friends begin to populate the empty world and the character seems to be in a better mental state. he now has relationships and friends. they get into silly situations and hijinks. All the while the man feels in the back of his mind that none of them are real and he is crazy. but he doesn’t care. However all the fun comes to a stand still when the main character sees a real life human woman who seems oddly familiar. They both can see the animated characters and begin to have a relationship. The animated characters become a bit jealous and they plant a seed of doubt in the man’s head by telling him that if he created them, then it’s possible he just made up this woman. the man starts to spiral out of control at the thought of nothing being real and is tormented by the city of animated characters. In order to escape it all he believes he just needs to get away with the girl. So they both leave the city behind, and go into the surrounding wilderness. This is an exciting adventure at first, free of the characters who he now believes were somehow real because they stayed in the city, though as things progress he is more and more suspicious about the girl. in conversation it is brought up that it’s possible she isn’t real. he realizes that he doesn’t know where she comes from and when questioned the girl doesn’t know either. When it becomes apparent that she isn’t real either this is when all hell breaks loose. The other characters begin to reappear and the environment bends and twists and transforms into different trip landscapes that are all obviously unreal. The world then swallows him and suffocates him. his last sight being that of the girl floating above him in a void of white light. Suddenly he wakes up. it really was all a dream, he was in coma after he tried to kill himself by jumping off of his office building. it was a miracle he survived. He was driven to suicide about a year earlier after the stress of losing his job and separating with his girlfriend. it was her who kept him on life support the entire time he was out. they are reunited and make amends, all is seemingly coming to a close when the man sees out of the corner of his eye the cartoon character that was his good friend. the film ends with the open question of what the hell was that?