Hello there, Mr. Skipping-His-Journal-Writing-Duties-For-A-Week! Heard some music playing from the roof of the science building, so decided not to walk circles around it for an hour after lunch as I tend to do, so decided to walk around the longhouse instead. More foot-traffic but nicer, nature-filled environs, too. Should maybe walk around there instead, since walking with nature is Evergreen-y and good for me and stuff. Though really, after moving to Olympia, I haven’t been going on my nature walks as I did every evening back in Coupeville. Need to get my fresh air somehow. Maybe that’s part of why I lost a lot of that motivation I had going to school up there. I had a clearer goal when going there, too; “Get good grades and credits to transfer to a four-year institution.” Well I’m here.

                Now what?