Well, a busy week. My daughter is visiting the Amazon, I had my conference with Sam on my project and on Tuesday I received my confirmation that I have been admitted into the IPLS program. This means that on July 6, I will be leaving for Argentina. I am immediately overwhelmed at all that must be done.

I can’t believe how fast the quarter has gone. I look forward to reading and watching everyones projects. I don’t write poems so I have nothing to share here in that way. I consider it an all time low if people really want to read articles about the evolution of Kim Kardashians face. Just sayin’.

Almost done with Winters Bone. I wanted to get it done early so I can go back and figure out what I am going to write about for my close reading. I was going to compare the film and the movie. I have the movie in my collection but since we flipped seminar days I am not presenting on Friday after all so when I give my close reading we will not have seen the film. Bummer. I was going to compare and contrast. Oh well I am sure I will find something.