I was so wrapped up in finishing the scholarship applications last week, I forgot to add my journal entry. Oh well. Started the Movie Sunday’s with Adderley, we watched three features. Humphrey Bogart in “Casa Blanca” was our classic drama, “Tampopo” was our foreign film for the week and we finished with dinner and “We’re no Angels” with Humphrey Bogart again. It’s a comedy if you haven’t seen it. This weekend we are honoring both Chinese New Years on Monday and Mardi Gras on Tuesday. So the first feature will be Elvis Presley in “King Creole,” this was filmed in New Orleans. “Hero” with Jet Li will be our foreign film, its a Chinese history film. We will finish with the comedy, Humphrey Bogart in “African Queen”. These are all good movies to show genres. Besides, Adderley hasn’t seen a lot of classics and foreign films so this is fun for me!!
My daughter in Ecuador sent more photos. Apparently they had Guinea pig for dinner! I am including the picture of her and a classmate holding the little skulls! I know, gross, but honestly this is the kid who fought her uncle for the duck brains in China, so I just take it all in my stride. kirstin Cuenca Ecuador