Lists. I make them once or twice a year.  I lose them almost as fast as I write them. So what’s the point.  I guess every so often I convince myself that I’ll ahve my shit together this time. And so I’ll write a list.  Keep a planner. I’ve had this las planner for maybe 4 months.  Maybe 3 and just purchased it late in the year because I lost the previous one.  As I look through it for this date, I see I was on top of things in October, almost made it into November.  Then a few blank pages, weeks.  No cross outs to mark the passage of a day or confirm the completion of a plan.  I pick up a few days in late November, I must have had a dental appointment.  I have been having them so frequently I wonder if novacaine is addictive.   It looks like I went though the trouble of slashing through some empty dates with a pencil around this time.  I’m all about calendars when I have dental appointments.  I imagine they charge you if you miss an appointment at the dentist.