**here is a sample from the script  i have been drafting, which i think will be mostly if not entirely voiced-over monologue snippets, that align with the character’s moments of introspection. it will highlight her observations and thoughts, accentuating the fluctuation of the camera’s perspective – when the camera is her eyes and when the camera is watching her**
****edit: PS i am still open to collaboration with a lofty author to help me out with this aspect of the film. you would get to play around with memory and observation



bright light and rain

light rain

(what was my dream?)

*i feel another pimple forming where i help my cheek last night*

i still like to wake up and go to sleep staring at rain. when i was smaller where it almost never rained i would treat it like a ritual.
i sat at the window and could stare outside for hours watching the patterns made by light and water in the streets, in a trance.
[but i was often entranced as a child. like after school i would just sit in the back seat of our car parked in the driveway,
feeling the sun seep in through the windows until it was too hot to stay.] i loved the darkened sky. when the sun began to emerge
again i would feel a pit in my stomach. blue skies can be as monotonous as the gray here. i still like the rain, even though it is normal to me know.


what was my dream, another tooth loser?
sometimes i wake up right after but sometimes i ruminate in the dream on why my teeth are falling out,
and the worst part is the dread of having to admit to my parents that i’m not taking care of myself.
and going to the dentist. i don’t remember the last time i did that.

physical therapy today though
i should leave in two hours

i need to do my stretches.