Sorry it’s a day late!

I think it’s always important to point out the parallels that occur in our life, especially those that occur in different stages, for sometimes opposite reason, but yet have the same basic feeling. For example, when I met my now ex-lover last spring I experienced a shockwave of emotions that were quite foreign to me at the time, though I can say that after ten months of knowing her these emotions have persisted to the point that, at times, it feels like I might not be able to experience or feeling anything more or less than what I have felt in the presence of her. The feelings consisted of acute anxiety and nervousness whenever she appeared in my mind or in person (which was most every waking second in one way or another) coupled with something that I cannot describe as anything other than a surreal sense of the world, a happiness that exists without context or logic, where it’s only grounding is certain to come from her, or at least how I view her to be. While these feelings were always with me, and still are now, there were three very specific moments when life seemed to shift, in the way that I viewed the world, the way that I looked at my surroundings, the way that my chest felt both like is was ascending towards something grandiose as well as being tightly wound by some unseen force from within. What intrigues me is that these feelings are felt during the most positive moment, in the most heartbreaking moment and in the most melancholic moment of my relationship with this woman who has (had?) captured my heart with the most exhilarating and terrifying intensity that I could have ever imagined possible.