Face pressed against the glass, you look in.

Hands shielding the sun from your reflection.


From within I walk towards you. As if to make myself the subject of your pondering.


Glancing off the glass you walk towards the door, and enter.


I sit where you were standing, perhaps your reflection still stays there watching me.


I pretend.


The glass between us never really fades,

Our eyes glance off each other as you sit and I eat.


Never truly meeting.


Both sets of eyes bend slightly around book ends.


Blue, Brown, Blush,

Blush, Blue, Brown,


Plate empty. I prepare.

The pilgrimage begins with slow steps

Pausing. Holding the moment in my hands

The transparent plate holds one last crumb.


I glance up.


I walk through the impermeable separation.

Our eyes finally meet.


Brown, Blush, Blue,

Blue, Brown, Blush,


You watch me entering swiftly into the void.


Face flushing I bend my head and lick the crumb from my plate.

As if to kiss you goodbye.


Returning the plate I turn to leave.

Now I watch you, legs folded, head thickly forested, black, bent, down.


I think I know you.

From that linear reality encased between glass, a web in which we all meet.


I want to return to introduce myself with my mouth. To say hello. To speak ongoing with my eyes, hands, and feet.


Shuffling, fumbling, blushing, faltering


To make a connection.


Yet I find another glass wall, within my mind.


My tongue lays useless, my body encased in the duality of fear.

Freeze and flight.


I descend walking away, every step a question, a contradiction, an excuse.


These walls so safe, enclose me.

I settle to continue to look from within.