4pm meet up with Todd and Matt in the bar at The Reef.

One drink. White Russian. First I’d ever had.

Tried to order a Hawaiian Russian and the bartender gave me a blank stare.

Todd had too many drinks so I took him home.


I sat on his couch and he started putting on his records and opened a bottle of white wine. We drank from the bottle.

I ashed into the empty wine bottle and he punched me in the shoulder. You dick there’s still some in there. I say no, he says yes.

We both pass out.

Wake up at 9:30pm on the couch next to Todd who was fast asleep.

Cat, Zoe, and Sam had all texted me to come to O’Malley’s.


I could hardly see anything through my windshield on the drive over.

I ordered a shot of well whiskey. I tapped this guy’s shoulder sitting next to me at the bar that I thought I knew. He said I don’t know you we’ve never met. I turned back towards the bartender and order a burger and a hot toddy.


Walked outside where I saw Sam and some friends. She asked me to sit down but I tell her that I take my shots standing.

Went back inside and somebody put the burger down on the table where I sat with friends.

The bartender came over with the hot toddy. My friend tried introducing us and I told her I had forgotten her name. She said I’m glad I found you and I said I’ve been right here the whole time. For some reason everyone laughed.


After I ate the burger and had a few more drinks I botched a karaoke performance.

I listened to a friend tell her guy that they can’t sleep together anymore and that she never liked him. Very awkward.