I’ve never been the best at coming up with titles but I’m remarkable at captions, blurbs, band names, and innovative new slang. I love Tumblr because it let’s me think outside the box in a somewhat structured yet unstructured way. It’s like Evergreen in the sense that you do what you want but you have to do it right or it just doesn’t work. 

It also just takes me out of my mind for a minute; numbs my brain so I can refresh. If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, it’s stuffed to the gills with images. Brain candy. Steamy erotic fan fiction is a guilty pleasure. It softens the blow of real life pain with dramatic, artistic expressions of pain. One can relate to the content and that sort of fills the void that reality drills into a person. 

To avoid the pain of how I keep getting my heart broken over and over again exponentially, I ogle over fictitious men whom I can love with all my heart and though they’ll never love me back, I’ll never be rejected. Their airbrushed hyper masculine figures adorned with tattoos and facial hair melt my heart like butter on a fresh croissant. 

I don’t think there’s a time or place in real life where I simultaneously love and loath myself so much and in such equal measure than when I’m scrolling through Tumblr. 



*note: image unrelated… or is it?