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  1. the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.


The fault line


Deep, deep, under the earth, where time and space melt away into the heat of creation, the molten lava that pumps the core of our inner existence of a collective unisphere…

The creative forces of life effect us so deeply, profoundly, and in ways unwritten or spoken by any language… There geophysical connections to the land, space, and spirit, we have only discovered the tip of the iceberg to these connections.

One connection I will draw particular attention to is the geo physical and metaphysical connection to human history surrounding the Cascadia subduction zone, more specifically known as the Seattle Fault line. The Fault line was “officially” discovered by the use of LIDAR aerial radar technology that scans the surface of the earth for visual signs of fault lines. The fault line runs from underneath Bellview, right underneath Safeco Fields in Seattle, down Alkai Beach, right through the South end of Bainbridge Island, and downwards towards Bremerton.

Throughout history, this very defining line, this molten crack in the earth’s surface, has been a boundary line deep sliced in the history of the land and human inhabitants, and for the geological evolution and development of the entire area.

The oldest signs left behind by human inhabitants in this region were hieroglyphs left behind in the stone by the Suquamish Indians, depicting lines and swirls that resemble spirals. Ancient native folklore speaks of specific areas in this region, areas that align right along the fault line, that tribal shamans and leaders would go to hold ceremonies to have profound audible and visual hallucinations “ including wavy or parallel lines, nested curves, and spirals.”

Tribes long throughout history regarded Bainbridge Island, and Alkai beach as sacred ceremony grounds, and burial ground for their tribal elders.

When white man came, it was they and the japanese that moved into Bainbridge island, (priorly uninhabited by any humans), and created the Port Blakely Mill, which soon became the biggest lumber mill in the world and was responsible to processing and shipping out all the lumber that was cut down in that region. Is it any surprise that this mill fell right above the geological path of the fault line?


Audrey Lane, Dead Man’s Bend, 1.27.16

      Despite my fears, I sped into the curve. It was an interesting choice on my behalf, given this was the same curve of my reoccurring nightmare; Dead Man’s Bend. The familiar inertia of the car rolling into the bend plunged my mind back to a memory being young; looking out the back seat car window, small crosses dotting the edge of the highway. Like tiny shards of mirrors and mothers tears, the smell of sweat and blood, blotting my tender child memory.

     With a start I come back to the present: Sitting behind the wheel of this aluminum beetle, allowing fate and karma to rule my fingertips and our destiny. Through tender child mind I fabricated the remembrance of children standing next to their cross; empty eyes staring deep blank-black holes boring into my spirit soul, reminding me of life’s all too common tragedies.

PASSWORD: femdefilm


My first entrance into  the cinema of my Mind

Eye of the Story

Audrey Lane

January 6th, 2016

             In a world of black and white comparisons, we are left to try and remain impartial, yet fully submerged in this idea of separate togetherness. It is in that grey area between the opposite polar spectrums that we must exist.

             Innumerable variables contribute to the perception and cognition of the Human experience. Era, race, social class, are just a few examples of the key components that shape our innate ability to understand and perceive our surroundings. Language anomalies, symbolism, and sound have long been and always will be the Human’s main way of capturing thought, ideas, and emotion. However, that process of cognition will change from era to era, and from nation to social class.

          One way, of many, to articulate this ever changing formula of expression and understanding is to study the trends of Theater and Cinema in history. “[The] tension between real and the imagined is the theater, this is why theater will always remain a necessity”(Baldwin p.31). Through theater, vast concepts can be metaphorically unveiled, leaving the story in the viewer’s hands to interpret. If we imagine the lens of a camera like a lucid eye, we can begin to understand the process of seeing cinema or theater as stimulant for unlocking the “first entrance into the cinema of [our] mind[s]”(Baldwin p.9). This concept is broadly expressed in the book The Devil Finds Work, by James Baldwin. We are brought along a journey through his mind of his understandings and critiques of several examples of Literature and Cinema during the 30s and 40s. What caught me was not his literal explanations of the media, but the moments when his mind wandered over into the ethereal realms of thought, allowing the concepts in the film to break down in his mind and take him through a visual journey of his relating experiences and hidden metaphors rising to the surface.

          We are introduced to the stark, undeniable realization that “the narrow ribbon of light [before the theater curtains open] then contains a mystery – that mystery may contain the future. You are, yourself, suspended as mortal. Nobody can possibly know what is about to happen, it is happening. Each time, for the first time, for the only time”(Baldwin p. 32).


Here is the Visual component of my presentation for Week 1 Seminar on the book ‘The devil finds word’ by James Baldwin. This visual piece aims to take a peek into the cinema of your mind, and use the eye like a lucid lens.

Film created by Audrey Lane.

Cinematography by Audrey Lane/ B&W 35MM stock

Muisc by Chromophobia 


PASSWORD: femdefilm

Audrey Lane Journal entry 1 1/8

          “So do you ever hang out with old people?” These were the first christening words of grandmother and I’s exchange. There is a certain pathway of wisdom, one that begins deep, deep in the immortal depths of the oceans of time. It flows forth from the heavens, mountain springs, and with every heartbeat. The stories of our grandmothers is the resonating voice of the ancient wisdom resounding through timeless bounds.

         “Even at the primal moments of human existence,the sperm fight one another until the end of the beginning. Thus through chaos, perfection is born,” she whispered with a faint, all knowing smile.

        Wisdom has no language, no solid form; it is in the song of the wind in the trees, the ripple of the water and the cracks and grandmothers hands.

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