I took my anxiety medication today after class. I accidently saw a picture of my ex-girlfriend on my friends phone and almost puked. I got back to my room and immediately gulped down the dosage. This usually makes me pretty tired so i try not to take it on class days. I layed down and listened to music for a solid hour thinking i would fall asleep, or maybe wishing i would. It’s embrace never came. Friends knock on my door asking if i would want to join them for dinner in town. I thought this sounded like so much fun at the time. We get on a bus and arrive at the restaurant. It is here i begin to feel exhausted beyond comprehension. The meal comes and goes and i am about ready to pass out. Slumped over into  a heap against the wall. Past this things start to get really fuzzy. I remember leaving and getting on the bus. i pass out again. However i wake again only to find the bus hasn’t moved. Bam asleep again this time on my friend who doesn’t tell me or do anything. Everyone’s snapchat is just me acting loopy and out of it. They all think i am wasted. Nope just tired and dehydrated unfortunately. Somehow i made it into my room and took all my clothes off, a detail which i have no recollection of.