Fall 2021

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mathematics, business decision science
strategic planning, business management and entrepreneurship, accounting
ecology, botany, plant pathology
marine science, zoology, ecophysiology

Do you want to direct your own learning as part of a team in a truly unique, innovative way?  Do you want to improve your soft skills, that all employers look for?  Are you interested in gaining expertise in biology, agriculture, applied math, and/or just business and Changemaking?  Are you just trying to figure out what to do with your life? Are you interested in earning upper level science credits and learn the above? Become part of the Change Maker Lab (CML) and join millions of Changemakers in this international movement.

Entrepreneurs in the CML will create new businesses and may focus on sustainable agriculture, shellfish farming, farm to table food services or something else you want to work on in this diverse truly unique and equitable learning environment.



Both fully online and in person students will be accommodated in our programs Fall 21, Winter 22 and Spring 22.


Learning and Teaching

In this program you’ll train on the job, write reports, deliver presentations while sharing knowledge from books that you choose to read. Together we will create numerous team projects, organize large events and attend board of directors meetings while you actively manage the activities of a not for profit organization and learn about our interaction with nature, business and society. By combining these hands on learning activities with academic work, you will develop the habits of lifelong learners and prepare yourself for your future.

The core of this pathway program, Business fundamentals, team entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation applies to our interaction with society in general and repeats every year. Business projects of all types are supported every year. These range from, the fashion industry, to creative arts, to agriculture, goat rentals, management consulting and prison outreach to mention only a few.  Past science specific projects in this learning environment have included among other, cloning corals, sustainable sailboat charters, water quality testing labs, eco friendly dive shops and scientific quality certification labs. 


Where does quantitative reasoning fit in?  Everywhere!  You will learn how to apply math and statistics to examine, analyze, plan and make all kinds of decisions.  Workshops and project development work will build foundational skills in statistics and algebraic thinking by finding and analyzing examples of geometry, proportions, and data patterns. Systems theory is discussed throughout, as it applies to human and organizational behavior, permaculture systems, marine biology and much more.

Every year the Changemaker Lab Program Team Coaches add a flavor or two. To do that we introduce expert faculty that deliver their unique expertise utilizing the Partus method of learning.  During the 2021/2022 year Dr. Steve Scheuerell and Dr. Erik Theussen will be team coaching on projects specific to Coral Reef Biology, Aquaculture and Permaculture. During this year students wishing to earn upper level science and math credits will develop their projects in these areas of expertise. They will do their laboratory work and coaching in the Evergreen Science labs, the organic farm and Evergreen’s beaches in the beautiful Pacific North West. Students farming clams and other sea critters on leased land or on their own land on the water will be able to perform much of their lab work virtually.

Throughout the program you will provide evidence of  your learning from your projects and your study. You’ll work within your Team Company, supported by your team coach, to share and develop your learning.


Our Team Entrepreneur Counterparts in the United Kingdom.

You will learn how to keep working hours, manage real life day-to-day challenges, deal with customers and clients and learn how a real business is established legally and how we keep ourselves out of trouble. We learn by doing real work on real projects, alongside other members of your Team Company.

You’ll be provided with an extensive book list of relevant books and journals. Together with your team you will read up on topics such as sales and marketing, permaculture, marine biology, dynamical systems, leadership and entrepreneurship and immediately apply these skills to your own projects. You will develop first hand insights on how these ideas work in practice.

You will learn about personal mastery including learning how to best plan for financial stability and security. You will learn some basic skills such as how to work with and fix your credit, understand mortgages, business quantitative methods and do budgeting. Learn about investing and retirement deductions and manage your personal finances and income taxes.

You will join professional workshops and mentoring sessions as you explore the issues involved with setting-up and running your own ventures. There are no lectures in this program. 

Your team coaches will support and guide your Team Company through the duration of the program. Where you need more specialist guidance, your coach will try to help you find a suitable source.

You’ll demonstrate your learning by completing projects, project reports, laboratory sessions and lab reports, making presentations and by undertaking scientific research if you are seeking upper division science credit and writing reflective essays.

Your learning will be enhanced by giving and receiving 360 feedback from fellow team entrepreneurs and your Team Coach.

In Program and learning time

You’ll be expected to attend eight hours of in program team coaching each week. You will also be expected to attend workshops on topics that you are interested in, attend project coaching sessions with experts and do laboratory work for 8 hours per week. This makes up the 16 hours of in class activities.

You and your team members will be running your own company and do project work around that which you are passionate about, you should expect this program to be a full-time commitment.


You will be evaluated through your learning portfolio, in program activities defined by our rocket model evaluation rubric, 360 degree peer evaluations and written program assignments. There are no exams on this program.

You’ll show the knowledge you’ve gained and the application of that knowledge through your learning portfolios, which typically include:

  • Pre and post-Motorola’s or project reports
  • Research
  • Activity logs demonstrating learning
  • Reflections and presentations on your learning
  • Reflections on feedback from team coaches and peers.

The credit awarded is based on the learning you choose.

Guest speakers and workshops

This program offers inspiring sessions with industry experts, business and social entrepreneurs who share their experience and answer questions. 

These include:

  • Specialists in the field of Marine Biology and Permaculture
  • Clam farmers and experts from the South Sound area
  • Entrepreneurs and founders of successful start-ups
  • Recruitment consultants
  • Professional business coaches, educators and mentors
  • Specialists in the fields of marketing, finance, business decision sciences, operations and technology
  • Venture capitalists and angel investors.

With guests from such diverse backgrounds, you will be able to accelerate your own development through the real-life experiences of others.

The program faculty will continually enhance this offer by responding to feedback from our students and other stakeholders, ensuring the curriculum is kept up to date and our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for the real world today.

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