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MS In I….. and 

What do we do

Bringing together partner Team Academy’s and organizations practicing Team Learning from all over the world, to common spaces where our interdisciplinary, community based learn by doing model teaches students how to take an innovative social transformation or business idea all the way from a shared vision to a market-ready team formulated solution.

Graduate Degree Programs

Tiimiakatemia Evergreen, Washington is home to several programs: the 18-month MS In I….. and offered by the The Evergreen State College, and the 24-month Dual Degree, which combines the MS In I…. from the University of St Martin with a MS In I….. from The Evergreen State College. These interdisciplinary degree programs prepare students to develop solutions that address complex real-world problems. Students gain the technical, design thinking, and entrepreneurial skills needed to launch a startup, lead a new venture team at a company or nonprofit, or advance academic pursuits.

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Custom Learning Programs

These programs provide specialized training for learners at the high school level and above who are interested in developing Team Academy Team Learning Skills working in the Makerspace at St Martins University, or gaining exposure to some of the design thinking and entrepreneurship skills provided in our graduate level programs. These programs can be developed for schools, parents home schooling teams, a corporate retreat, student bootcamp, preparatory course, or other need in collaboration with our faculty, coaches, and professional technical staff.

Hackathons and Challenges

Now more than ever, team learning with proper dialogue and discipline can address many of the issues that we face both as individuals and as a society. Our hackathons and challenges programs provide opportunities for students to explore new problem areas and help solve problems together.


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