Evolution and Ecology Across Latitudes is a year-long exploration of patterns across space and time. From mycorrhizal fungi that live in the roots of trees, to bats collecting fruit high in the moonlit canopy, organisms are best understood embedded in the context of the forces that gave rise to them. Click here for the full program description in the Evergreen catalog.

In Fall quarter, we will explore evolutionary theory and examples in the classroom, conduct empirical field projects, and explore some Pacific Northwest landscapes.

Students who do excellent work in Fall, and demonstrate maturity and teamwork in field exercises, will be considered for study abroad in Ecuador in Winter quarter. The particulars of both time and places (where we will go, when we will begin, and for how long we will stay) are still being worked out. We will likely leave sometime in the first few weeks of Winter quarter, and travel together for 9 – 10 weeks.  We hope to  visit cloud forest and páramo, coastal dry forest, the Amazon rainforest, and the Galápagos. We will also likely study Spanish in Cuenca, a city at 2,500 meters that has evidence of human habitation for the last 10,000 years.

Please come meet us, your faculty, at the remaining Academic Fair, on May 13. This is a new program, but similar past programs have had twice the number of applicants as we can accommodate, so admission is by application, due on May 15.

Academic Fair handout, May 2015