Additions to the Health Verification Form

On Friday, August 21, we launched a change to the online Health Verification Form to improve our response time when cleaning or closing spaces may be required. 

Have you been on campus in the last 72 hours?

This question now appears at the end of every form. Answering “yes” will not cause you to fail the form. However, if you answer “yes” to any symptom or exposure questions and you have been on campus in the last 72 hours, you will be asked an additional question about what spaces you were in and when.

When and where have you recently been on campus?

You will only be asked this question if you answer “yes” to any symptom or exposure questions and you have been on campus in the last 72 hours. Like all information on the form, this will not be shared publicly, and only the Health Assessment Team, project manager, and Incident Response Coordinator have access. This information is critical in helping us respond in a timely manner to protect the safety of others. Your honestly and thoroughness with these new questions is appreciated. 

In the past, this information was gathered via phone or email by our Health Assessment Team. Adding these additional questions to the form can improve our response time by hours or days, which are critical for an effective response. 

Evergreen Announces Mostly Remote Fall

On Thursday, August 13, President Bridges announced that remote instruction will continue through Fall 2020 for most courses. Any in-person activities will proceed with appropriate health and safety measures, including physical distancing. Visit the online catalog to see available course options, and filter the catalog to view remote courses or hybrid courses.

For more information about how this impacts the student experience, visit the Student COVID-19 Information website.

COVID-19 Reporting and Response

Weekly Update

  • Coming to Campus
    • REMINDER: You must fill out a COVID-19 Health Verification Form (available on before you come to any campus location. You must also wear a mask when on campus. 
    • NEW: Students living in residence halls must complete the Health Verification Form if you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the form, or before you come to the main campus and plan to go into any building. RAD staff members must fill out a form anytime you leave your apartment to go into work.
  • NEW: COVID-19 Case or Exposure Reporting
    • If you have been to a campus location in the last 14 days and have been diagnosed with COVID-19, suspect you have COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone who has, report this using the Health Verification Form on my.evergreen. This is the same form used for the daily verification prior to coming to a campus location.
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Case Response Protocol
    • If an employee or student reports a confirmed case of COVID-19 (see above process) and has recently visited one of Evergreen’s locations:
      • The Health Alert Team will contact the individual to verify the nature of the case or presumed exposure, identify who may have been similarly exposed, and coordinate with Thurston County Public Health when necessary.
      • Building Services will follow enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, including temporary closure of specific locations where the individual spent time.
      • In the event of the first confirmed case on campus we will send a community-wide notification via email. The Health & Safety team will list any additional reported cases on the COVID-19 Health & Safety project website after that.

Faculty and Staff Briefing 1 – July 9

On July 9th, the COVID-19 Health and Safety Project teams hosted the first in what will be monthly briefings for faculty and staff. Below are resources related to this briefing. The first student briefing is July 23 at 11:00 a.m. and an invitation with details will be sent the week prior to the event.

  • Recording of the briefing (YouTube)
  • Briefing Slide Deck (PDF)
  • Written Questions and Answers (PDF)

COVID-19 Health Verification Form Now a College Requirement

Starting today (Monday, July 6, 2020) the college-wide COVID-19 Health Verification Form will be available on

The form is a self-check to verify that you meet the health and safety requirements to be able to come to campus. The State of Washington requires that anyone planning to come to any campus location complete this form each day before they arrive.

Completing the form

Complete the COVID-19 Health Verification form via before coming on campus, every time you come on campus.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to fill out the form, including students living on campus, both in Olympia and in Tacoma.

Staff can request that your supervisor complete it for you via a proxy submission if you are unable to access the electronic form.

If you do not pass the verification a member from the Health Monitoring and Response team will reach out to follow up. Staff and faculty will be asked to stay home and notify your supervisor.

For more information, visit our Health Verification Form page.

Gov. Inslee Announces Fall Guidance for Higher Education

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Gov. Inslee announced new guidance for in-person instruction in higher education (PDF). Set to take effect August 1, these guidelines provide minimum recommendations and additional considerations for a variety of campus locations and services.

While many of these precautions were being incorporated into safety planning, it is valuable to have this resource as a guidepost to ensure the safety of our community. The COVID-19 Health and Safety project teams are reviewing these documents to ensure alignment with current and future plans.