Fall 2021 COVID-19 Campus Safety Training

All employees and students are required to complete this general training in order to participate in any in-person or on-campus activity or work. This includes solo work such as briefly coming into an office or accessing supplies. You only need to take this training once. We ask that everyone complete by October 1.

  • Access the Safety Training directly or through your dashboard in Canvas. 
  • The training works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Verifying Completion

All supervisors are responsible for ensuring their students and staff complete the necessary trainings prior to participating in in-person learning or work for which they are responsible. Completion of the Campus Safety Training can be verified one of two ways:

  • Use the supervisor dashboard (XLSX, login required)This is updated weekly. Instructions for how to use the dashboard are at the top. If you don’t have access and should, email COVID@evergreen.edu.
    • You can find this later, under the “Shared” menu on your Office.com home screen
  • Directly request confirmation There may be circumstances in which you cannot access the dashboard, or it has not yet been updated. In this case, the individual can email the Canvas completion notice or send a screenshot directly to their supervisor/COVID supervisor. 

Activity-Specific Training

Many in-person activities have their own site-specific safety plans, and additional trainings. COVID supervisors are responsible for ensuring their students or employees complete the relevant trainings and track those completions.