“How do I submit my vaccine Information?”

Submitting your vaccine information is easy, and you only have to do it once: just make sure your information is legible.

Here’s how you document your vaccine (or exemption)

hint: by visiting this page, you’re almost there!Get vaccinated!!

As soon as you get your final dose, you can submit your paperwork. (In order to be on campus as a “fully vaccinated student” you have to be 2 weeks past your final dose, but for our purposes- just get the shot(s) and youre ready to document it!

Go to my.evergreen.edu and click on Vaccine Requirement.

You’ll be taken to an encrypted web form.

Choose your form of verification.

  • Vaccination card: choose this, especially if you were vaccinated outside WA, or you may not be in the State database (some tribal and military vaccination clinics may not be) upload your vaccination card by taking a picture or scan and uploading the file to your computer. Make sure the photo is readable (we check your card against state databases)
  • Attach the file to the web form, making sure you have both sides.
  • Attestation: Choose this if ONLY you were vaccinated in WA, and you don’t want to bother with the upload. We may need you to upload your card anyway, and reach out to you to do so if we cant find you in state systems already.
  • Make sure you sign the form with the name on your birth certificate (it is the name we will match to the database)
  • Health record: Choose this if you have lost your vaccination card, or if you never got one
  • Screenshot of state database vaccine record- choose this if you know how to get there!!

After you have submitted your documentation, your vaccine status will be checked by Evergreen Student Wellness Service.

When Evergreen Student Wellness confirms you are fully vaccinated you are ALL DONE!!

What if I can’t get a vaccine?

  • If you cannot get a vaccine for religious or medical reasons you may seek an exemption from the vaccination requirement. 
  • Please fill out the form in its entirety

3 Types of Exemptions to the Vaccination Requirement

Medical Exemption

If you are seeking a medical exemption, please ensure that your form is signed by your community health care provider attesting that your condition prevents your safe vaccination against COVID-19. 


Religious Exemption

If you are seeking a religious exemption due to a truly and sincerely held belief that prevents your vaccination, please describe a situation that precludes your vaccination. Please also ensure that your exemption form is signed by a licensed health care provider attesting that they have informed you of the risks and benefits to you and the community of getting vaccinated for COVID-19. 

Remote Exemption

If you are a fully remote student who does not access campus at all- then you are exempt from the requirement. To submit an application to be considered exempt as a fully remote student, you must:

  • Have your course infrormation including remote offering CRN, instructor, schedule and quarter.
  • You must pledge that you will not be part of in -erson activity at Evergreen, inside and outside of class.
  • You will have to resubmit this status at the beginning of each quarter to reaffirm that you remain completely remote to the campus.

So What is Next?

After you have filled out your exemption form, submit it by uploading it to the vaccine documentation webform by following the prompts for exemption

  • If you cannot submit a form electronically, they will be available at Student Wellness Services. You can also mail your forms to:

The Evergreen State College

Attn: Evergreen Student Wellness Services

2700 Evergreen Pkwy, Olympia WA, 98505