Here’s some background:

Evergreen, along with all other public four-year colleges in Washington, requires that students, staff and faculty be fully vaccinated for fall quarter, 2021.  This requirement is based on guidance from the state Department of Health for the state’s colleges and universities.   

Vaccination is the most important defense against COVID-19 and its variants. It is essential for the safety of our teaching and learning community.  


Q:  Why is Evergreen requiring that all students be vaccinated for fall quarter? 

A:   The college wants to provide the safest possible environment for students to achieve their educational goals, and for faculty and staff dedicated to their success.  

Vaccinations are the most effective way to protect everyone on our campuses from severe illness or death from COVID-19.  That’s why Evergreen is requiring them for fall quarter. 


Q:   I’m vaccinated. How do I let the college know? 

A: It’s easy. Visit, or use this link to submit your vaccination record.  


Q:  What’s the deadline? 

A: Students planning to be on Evergreen campuses at the start of fall quarter must have their info uploaded by September 27, 2021. If you plan to be on campus earlier than that, please upload your vaccination information two weeks ahead of your arrival date. Please review the student vaccination requirement policy for details and exceptions. 


Q: What if I’m not vaccinated yet?  

A: Thurston and Pierce counties have multiple free vaccination clinics running daily.  Check out the calendars to locate one that works for you.  

Keep in mind that to meet the deadline, your shot or shots should be received by September 13. 


Q: Can I apply for an exemption? 

A:   Yes, it is possible to apply for a religious or medical exemption. You can also apply for an exemption as a completely remote student.  


Q: What happens if I don’t get vaccinated or receive an exemption? 

A:  You will be excluded from in-person/hybrid classes or student activities. A hold may be placed on your student account that would prevent registration, and you could be referred to the Evergreen Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  


Q:   Where do I go for more information? 

A:   Check out Evergreen’s COVID-19 information pages for policies, guidance and links. If you have any questions, please send them to