The only pain from getting the COVID vaccine should be from the needle itself. If you are having trouble getting to a vaccination clinic, let us know, and we’ll help make it easy. 


If you need help getting a vaccine, here are some support mechanisms that Evergreen can offer. If your needs aren’t addressed, let us know at, and we will work with you to make vaccination as painless as possible. 

If you don’t have transportation to get to a vaccination site:

We will help you find a clinic that coordinates with the bus schedule


Call the Department of Health’s vaccine hotline, 833-VAX-HELP, and get a code to use for a free ride to a vaccine appointment through Lyft and Uber.

If you do not have medical insurance:  

You do not need medical insurance to get vaccinated. You will not be asked to show medical insurance, and you will not be charged in any way for the vaccine.  The ONLY thing you need is a photo ID. 

If you are worried you may not have a photo ID: 

Talk to DOH, or let us know, and we will see if you have ID that qualifies you to get a vaccine. Vaccination sites take a wide variety of identification. 

If you need help navigating websites to find appointments, or help filling out your form:

Evergreen is building a volunteer support group to help you access the vaccine scheduling site. If you are worried or confused, we can help you. Email us at and a ‘vaccine navigator’ will reach out to offer support and resources to get your questions answered and your vaccine goals achieved. 

Help getting access to a computer: 

Students can sign up to use “Speedy’s Study Space”  

Help filling out a waiver:

Email us at and a ‘vaccine navigator’ will reach out to offer support and resources via phone, zoom or email to get your questions answered and your vaccine goals achieved. 

What if I lost my card before I got my second dose? (in a 2 dose series)

If you lost your vaccination card and still need to get the second dose of a vaccination, the vaccine provider can fill out and give you a card to record your second dose. 

What if I Lost my Vaccine Card and cannot submit it?

  • Talk to the provider for your vaccine (if you were vaccinated in WA, this may be the department of health) the vaccine provider can can issue a replacement in many cases.
  •  Go onto or my and find your vaccination status if you got your shot(s) in WA. Then take a screenshot, and use that as your documentation upload. Make sure your name and vaccine are both visible on the screen
  • Talk to your health care provider if you got your vaccination outside of WA. They may be able to pull it up in their system. Get them to send you a vaccination record of, or including your COVID-19 vaccine. Then you provide Evergreen with the vaccination record from your HCP
  • More information here.
  • email if none of these options are working for you

What vaccination should I/can I get? 

If you are 18 or over, you are eligible to get the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine can be administered to individuals 12 years of age and older, with parent or guardian permission. The vaccination you choose is completely up to you- here is some more information about each of the FDA emergency use approved vaccines 

CDC Vaccine Comparison

 If you are worried about the safety of the vaccine:

More information about risks and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine

The best source of health counseling is your primary care provider, since they know you and your health. Student Wellness Services providers are also available Monday – Friday during the academic weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.  

What is emergency use authorization, and what does it mean for me? 

Link to the FDA website section.

What if I can’t take off work/childcare and I get sick after I get the vaccine? 

This should be covered under employee rights and/or sick leave policy, information might be available through HRS, L&I, or EAP. Normalize/enforce “stay home when you’re sick” for all staff, faculty, and students.