Fully Vaccinated Employees 

  1. Expect an invitation to submit your vaccine information in the next two weeks.  When you receive a link to submit your record of vaccination, please submit it as soon as you can. 
  1. You can verify that your information has been successfully processed once your myevergreen.edu account page shows a green badge. That indicates your proof of vaccination has been approved. Allow several days after submitting proof of vaccination for this to show up.  
  1. This summer, you will work through your supervisor to determine how and when you work on campus.  
  1. Masks and distancing are still part of Evergreen’s overall strategy this summer. Consult your supervisor and current campus guidelines and requirements for masking guidance 
  1. Continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms even if you have been fully vaccinated. 
  1. If you have symptoms, stay home from work, alert your supervisor and follow current health guidance  

Not Fully Vaccinated or Unvaccinated Employees 

You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your final dose, which will be two to eight weeks after the date of your first dose, depending on the vaccine you choose. Please plan to get your vaccine doses as soon as possible. If you have any questions about how to get a vaccine, email COVID@evergreen.edu 

  1. Please plan to be vaccinated and upload your vaccine record well before your start of work on campus. 
  1. Until full vaccination (two weeks following your final dose), please follow current Evergreen guidance for unvaccinated individuals including masking, and social distancing, and fill out your daily health verification form. 
  1.  If you would like to request a COVID-19 vaccine medical or religious exemption, you will download the form (coming soon) and print it out so you can get a signature from your health-care provider. When it is filled out, you will upload and send it to Evergreen Human Resources.
  1. If your exemption request is approved, you will use it to submit a request for work-place accommodation, again with Evergreen Human Resources. 
  1. You will be required to continue to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing according to state mandates. 
  1. Continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and complete the health verification form each day you plan to be on campus.  

As we return to campus, note that individual and unit return timelines will vary. Please consult with your supervisor, dean or division lead for more information about your return timeline so you may plan to complete the above steps accordingly. 

As always, please reach out to the COVID team at COVID@evergreen.edu  with questions. We look forward to seeing you!