Welcome back and stay safe on campus with Speedy! COVID-19 safety requirements. If you are on campus or meeting in person follow these rules. Always wear a mask in shared spaces. Shared spaces are indoor facilities or outside space within 20 feet of another person. Spending time alone outside does not require a mask. Wear a mask when walking through campus. Remember social distancing guidelines and stay 6 feet away from others. Fill out your health verification form from your phone at my.evergreen.edu. Log in, you’ll find the form in the student menu. Then, click on COVID-19 Health Verification Form. Please read through all the questions and give accurate and honest answers. Click the submit button to submit your form. You’ll find your badger by swiping up on your my.evergreen.edu profile. You will receive a green badge if you are safe to come to campus. If you received a fail badge, you must stay off campus until approved by the Health Assessment Team. COVID-19 training must be completed before you can participate in classes or on campus activities. Your faculty or supervisor will advise you of the appropriate training that needs to be completed. If you have questions, contact covid@evergreen.edu. View the COVID-19 information website at sites.evergreen.edu.