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What is the COVID Health and Safety team?

We are a cross divisional collection of Evergreen staff and faculty members working to preserve the health and safety of the Evergreen community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More about COVID at Evergreen  In March 2020, the college formed work teams to help students and employees quickly transition to remote learning. Over the summer and fall, work was reorganized to form the the COVID 19 Health and Safety Planning project to develop the long-term systems needed to ensure safety and adherance to state and federal regulations. (Project Charter PDF) (Organization PDF)

As we look forward to a Fall return to in-person curriculum at Evergreen, our work has transitioned to assist with the planning and coordination efforts, but our mandate has not changed. Our team prevents and monitors COVID on campus, we design Evergreen systems to prioritize safety and awareness for students staff and Faculty, and we support the student educational experience to be as complete as possible under difficult (but improving!) circumstances