Study: Parenting and Political Views Among College Students

Requirements for Participants:  Participants must be over 18 and currently attending a college or university.

Duration:  Approximately 10 minutes

Particulars:  This is an online survey where students will be asked about their upbringing and their views on a number of issues.  They will then be asked to provide an email address of the parent that they are closest to.  A second survey will then be sent (via Qualtrics) to the parent automatically.  All survey responses are anonymous, confidential, and parent/child answers will not be revealed to each other.  No email addresses will be recorded or kept.

Ethics Approval:  This study has full ethics approval, and was determined as being “exempt from IRB review” by Western Institutional Research Board (Study I.D. 1-1100893-1).  The approval letter can be found hereB2 Exemption Determination Letter (08-10-2018)


Michael Paros, Professor, The Evergreen State College

Jesse Robbins, PhD, Iowa State University

Faith Rasmussen, Student, The Evergreen State College


Instructions for Faculty:  We need help in recruiting college students to take this survey.  By asking students in your class and/or institution to take this survey, you are helping us better understand the relationship between parenting and political viewpoints.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  The link to the survey that you can share with your students can be found here:  or feel free to copy and/or modify the following text in an email to your students asking them to complete the online survey.

Dear Student: 

I am emailing to ask if you would like to take about 10 minutes to complete a survey for a research project examining parenting and political viewpoints.  Your answers will be completely anonymous and confidential.  If you are interested, please click here to take the survey.  Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at